Meet the Most Advanced Modular Sauna in the World


After 60 years of designing, building, and installing custom saunas for the most exclusive fitness centers and spas around the world Am-Finn is proud to introduce our latest product, the Trend Modular Sauna.

We have integrated the most advanced technology into the Trend Sauna, complete with our proprietary mobile app that allows you to turn on/off the sauna heater, set desired temperatureand schedule your sauna session remotely.

steam room in office


  • Integrated remote controlled Chromatherapy lights and 220v plug-in models - no electrical wiring required.
  • Full Cedar wood interior with solid glass front wall and door.
  • 100% stainless steel heater with solid rock-tray design allows for water to be poured onto the rocks without damaging elements and will instantly increase humidity and ambient temperature.

If you wish to give your sauna a touch of color on the inside and the outside, use the Scandia Sauna Oil. By being free of chemicals, it preserves the life of the wood, adds shine and a delicious fragrance.

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