What You Need To Know About Ozone Sterilization

What is Ozone?

Ozone or trioxygen is a triatomic molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. It can have several industrial and professional uses for sanitation and purification. 

How and Why Ozone Sanitizes?

The most common way to generate ozone is to split oxygen molecules with electric discharges, creating atoms that recombine to form ozone. In nature, lightning creates ozone in the atmosphere and the consequent characteristic odor that we smell after a storm. The chemical formula of oxygen is O2, while that of ozone is O3. Oxygen is stable, but the ozone is unstable, so it spontaneously decomposes at room temperature, turning itself back into oxygen.


Ozone can sanitize the air, objects, and surfaces. Being a gas, it spreads into the environment, starting from its emission source and penetrating tissues. Thanks to its strong oxidizing capacity, ozone “destroys” the cells it attacks and eliminates bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, and any pathogenic and infectious agent.

Does ozone eliminate COVID-19?


In July 2020, the Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the INAIL recognized ozone as a sanitizing agent in the workplace.

Ozone Sanitization Technology

The PowerZone is a fully automatic ozone sterilization unit that features O3 technology. It destroys microorganisms on contact and leaves no waste to be thrown away, toxic cleaning products to be washed down the drain, or residual chemicals to be absorbed into skin, hair, or lungs. 


A PowerZone unit is the most cost-effective method with maximum efficacy and minimum labor way to sterilize and sanitize your home or business. It requires no wipes, sprays, or additional labor.