Automatic Sanitization


How the Powerzone

Sterilization Unit Work

A brief explanation of how our Powerzone units work to sanitize your space effortlessly. The Powerzone O3 technology is the most effective sterilization system. It has been clinically proven to kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and other micro-organisms. Using corona discharge electrolysis, the Powerzone generator manipulates oxygen molecules (O2) to create an O3 molecule. O3 is an unstable version of the Oxygen molecule that craves organics and destroys micro-organisms on contact.

Powerzone 100

Sterilies up to 1000 cu ft.

Powerzone 400

Sterilies up to 2000 cu ft.

Powerzone 800

Sterilies up to 4000 cu ft.

Powerzone 1200

Sterilies up to 6000 cu ft.

The Benefits


Becoming a Clean-Site Certified business is the most cost-effective method with maximum efficacy and minimum labor.  No wipes, sprays, or additional labor are needed.

Total Automation

Automatic sterilization means NO SPRAYS, NO WIPES, MINIMAL STAFF and TOTAL COVERAGE. Like air, O3 is a gas and will destroy micro-organisms on contact and AUTOMATICALLY wherever it flows

No Waste

The Powerzone O3 technology leaves NO WASTE to be thrown away or toxic cleaning products to be washed down the drain or residual chemicals to be absorbed into skin/hair/lungs.  O3 is simply a gas, like air. Once the Powerzone turns off the O3 turns back into O2 within 10-15 minutes

Fully Customized

Customized protocol as each facility is different and customer flow varies greatly depending on type of business and services offered.  We offer 4 (soon to be 5) different models of Powerzone units to meet the custom needs of each unique facility.

Published Research

Ozone in Action