Why work with us? 

We are proudly American designers, manufacturers, and installers of commercial sauna and steam rooms. Am-Finn is proud to be the oldest and largest American Manufacturer of Sauna and Steam Rooms and has completed thousands of projects for high-end developments, professional sports franchises, and fitness facilities.

Building, renovating, or retrofitting your existing sauna or steam room can be a messy project; cut the time and expense with the Eco-Sauna and Advanced Hybrid Steam Room. Thanks to our industry-leading innovations, installation takes as little as 1-2 days and will leave you with a brand new sauna or steam room for your customers to love for years to come.


We have designed, manufactured, and constructed hundreds of saunas and steam rooms across America. Since 1962 we are the leader manufacturer in the US. 


As the manufacturer, we are your turnkey solution for custom-cut commercial saunas and steam rooms. We manufacture the ceiling, walls, benches and heater to your specifications.


As a company, we have always been on the cutting edge of innovation and have been credited with many firsts in the commercial sauna and steam industry.


We are the only company in the world to attain preferred vendor status with the YMCA of the USA, Gold’s Gym and GSA certification from the US Government.

Commercial Sauna & Steam Room Solutions

Am-Finn Sauna is your solution for custom saunas and steam room.  Find the perfect product for your project.

Precut Saunas


Each complete Custom-Cut Sauna kit comes cut to specifications with only the best commercial quality materials and components, including:

  • Full upper and lower benches made of Grade A clear Spanish Cedar 
  • Removable Tru-Tile vinyl flooring or optional cedar duckboard for traffic areas (optional)
  • Solid-wooden door with insulated window or full glass door (contact us for customization options)
  • 100% Scandia stainless steel sauna heater (240, 208 or 480 volts) with controls
  • Heater guardrail
  • Thermometer, wooden bucket, ladle, sauna light
  • Aluminum foil vapor barrier
  • Industry’s best warranty

Advanced Hybrid Steam Room

The AHSR® is made with commercial grade materials, requires less maintenance and energy to operate, and has successfully replaced the traditional tile steam room. 

The AHSR next-generation material combined with the Power Zone automated sanitation system prevents mold and bacteria from growing, leaving the Steam Room clean and fresh daily. For several years, Am-Finn’s AHSR® has provided trouble-free service to high-traffic commercial facilities. Many commercial architects and facility managers have made the switch from tile to the high-tech Advanced Hybrid Steam Room®

Prebuilt Saunas


Complete sauna packages with no room preparation needed.


 This unique design can be assembled by just two people, significantly reducing installation costs. We strictly use Grade A Spanish Cedar to guarantee a lengthy lifespan for every piece. All units come equipped with Wifi Controller.


We provide both indoor and outdoor variants, assuring your sauna will perform and withstand in any space.

Our Process

Wether you are expanding, upgrading or just looking for something new for your customers, the addition of a sauna or steam room is the best way to bring your customer experience to the next level. With full design-build service, we make it easy to impress your customers with one of the world's most luxurious relaxataion experiences. 



Communication is vital in every project. Let our team of experts understand your needs to assist you with every step of the way.



We'll design the perfect custom sauna or steam room for your project while complying with any requirement you may have (e.g., ADA). 



Once you have approved your design, we will send you a proposal with all the needed details. If you have any questions, you can count on us to solve them.



After everything is approved, our designers will send the details to our production facility to be crafted in 10-12 weeks* by our carpenters and technicians.

*average manufacturing time



Once your product is manufactured by our production team, our professionals will have it shipped and installed in 1-2 days*.

*average installation time

Meet Our Clients

We take the success of your project seriously, taking great care of it from beginning to end; you can expect high-quality products and professional services to match our legacy as the leader in commercial-grade sauna and steam rooms.

We are so honored to work with great companies on incredible projects.

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