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Am-Finn Commercial Sauna Install and Design

Commercial saunas since 1962, our 60 years of experience make us the premier partner for sauna projects. Our team handles Pre-fab saunas, hand-finished saunas and custom saunas and any sauna design you would need!


Luxury Sauna History

Am-Finn Custom Saunas

For over 60 years, Am-Finn has been the premier name in commercial sauna installations and custom sauna design. Each component of your sauna is expertly crafted by our team here in the United States. We are dedicated to ensuring a fast and efficient process for the purchase of your commercial sauna. Our commercial sauna kits include the option of an electric or gas heater.

Here at Am-Finn every sauna project is crafted and installed with precision. We are known as the best sauna company for commercial sauna projects.

The Largest, Oldest U.S. Sauna manufacturers!

Sauna Room Customization

Connect with our team of sauna experts to customize your commercial sauna. We take pride in ensuring that you will love the sauna design and communicate with you at every step. Add our custom designed saunas to your gym, club, or yoga studio. 

Custom Sauna Manufacturing

Our sauna manufacturing facility, located in the US, is responsible for producing your dream sauna. After finalizing your sauna design and handling all contract and project details, we begin sauna production. We customize, make, and ship out multiple sauna projects each month.

Commercial Sauna Materials

All of our saunas are made with Western Red Cedar Wood Planks. They feature removable Tru-Tile vinyl flooring and a solid-core door with an insulated window. You can rely on our saunas to be manufactured to the highest quality and installed with the best quality sauna materials on the market. 

Sauna Installation

Am-Finn is the only US company to provide expert sauna installers. When your project is done being manufactured, you receive your sauna ready to install. We can then offer our sauna installers for any commercial sauna project. Because of our continued innovation, we are relied on by many to be the best sauna installers.

We have installed thousands of commercial saunas for Architects, General Contractors and Business Owners!

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Design your sauna to fit any commercial space!

Am-Finn Commercial Sauna

Why Am-Finn is your #1 Sauna Choice!

Incorporating commercial saunas into your gym, hotel, apartment and commercial building demands a level of professionalism. Am-Finn Sauna focuses on innovation and automation to provide our clients with exceptional service. We offer a diverse range of sauna options and make it our goal to seamless and stress-free sauna purchase and installation process.

Pre-Cut Sauna

Our Pre-Cut Traditional Sauna kit is perfect for indoor commercial spaces because we use only the finest sauna wood materials available in the industry. As a result, our products meet commercial-grade standards and ensure the highest quality so your sauna will stand for years.

Hand-Finished Custom Saunas

The BEST Luxury Sauna, crafted with a water-based protective wax that is durable, quick drying and absorbs into the wood creating a dirt resistant surface. Colors included are grey, black and ivory white. Similar to our Pre-Cut Custom saunas with a luxury sauna finish.

Am-Finns Pre-Cut Saunas

Commercial Pre-Cut Sauna

A simple, inexpensive way for you to get a commercial sauna. This would be as simple as reaching out to our team, letting us know you are interested in a DIY sauna kit. We have pre-cut sauna designs that we can use to help narrow down your home sauna build. This is a fun way to create your very own dream sauna build. These indoor sauna cuts can be used for office buildings, smaller business owners or other applications. IF you are excited about saunas and want to get the prefect starter, the traditional prefab sauna is the way to go. When you talk to our team there are many options and features for you to choose from: Sauna wood, door-type, flooring, benches, sauna heater, lights, and more! Check out some of the FAQS around the commercial pre-cut sauna.

Sauna Cleaning

To effectively clean a sauna, start by regularly damp mopping the floor to remove dirt and grime. Use a mild soap and a wet cloth to clean the benches, ensuring they are wiped down thoroughly. Additionally, periodically inspect the wall boards for perspiration stains and lightly sand them with 120 grit sandpaper if needed. This cleaning routine will help keep your sauna in optimal condition and ensure a pleasant sauna experience for all users. We also recommend using the number 1 rated best sauna wood oil on amazon!

Do we insulate the sauna?

Insulating a sauna is something we highly recommended in order to prevent heat loss and maintain the desired temperature inside the sauna. It is generally advised to use insulation with a rating of R-11 or R-13, typically made of fiberglass material. Proper insulation of all walls and the ceiling helps to create a more efficient sauna environment by trapping and retaining heat effectively. Therefore, insulating a sauna is beneficial for maximizing heat retention and optimizing the sauna experience.

What is the best sauna wood?

Softwoods are chosen for building saunas because they have the unique property of feeling cool to the touch. This is crucial for a sauna environment where people will be exposed to high temperatures. In contrast, hardwoods tend to absorb heat and can become uncomfortably hot to sit or lean against in a sauna setting. To ensure structural integrity and maintain a suitable sauna environment, the wood used must be kiln-dried to a specific moisture content range of 9-11%. This proper drying process helps prevent issues such as shrinkage and warping that can occur when wood is exposed to extreme heat and humidity levels in sauna conditions. Normally a grade a western cedar plank is used on most pre-cut saunas.

Can we add Himalayan Salt?

The short answer, YES OF COURSE! We take your project just as serious as you do and we make sure it is the best sauna for the space you have. All accessories are available for pre-cut saunas and our team is here to help.

Custom Sauna Solutions

Sauna Pioneers: We established ourselves as a premier sauna manufacturer and installer, We have carved a distinguished niche in the commercial sauna space. With a legacy of over 60 years, our team at Am-Finn has consistently delivered top-notch sauna solutions tailored to the unique needs of both commercial and residential clients.

Sauna Manufacturing Expertise: Am-Finn boasts a legacy of excellence in crafting high-quality saunas. Our manufacturing facilities and seasoned craftsmen ensure precision engineering and construction, resulting in durable, reliable, and beautiful custom saunas. 

Customized Sauna Solutions: Recognizing that every client has distinct preferences and requirements, Am-Finn Sauna & Steam specializes in creating custom saunas. Whether it’s a sleek and modern design for a luxury spa or a traditional sauna for a wellness center, our team works closely with clients to bring their vision to life.

Sauna Installations: From high-end home saunas to large commercial sauna installations, Our team offers a variety of solutions to fit any space. Our sauna installers provide you the seamless integration you desire while maintaining the highest standard of craftmanship and ADA Compliance. 

Sauna Innovation: Am-Finn remains at the front of sauna innovation, we incorporate all the latest sauna design solutions and details on every project. From high quality sauna heaters, to automated controls, we strive to deliver the best sauna experience for every client. 

Commercial Saunas: Our expertise goes beyond traditional spa and wellness settings. We have installed, designed and manufactured commercial saunas for hotels, gyms, corporate wellness centers, A-list celebrities, professional sports teams and more.