Sauna and cold therapy

Cold Plunges and Cryo chambers meet the Chill Chamber

The best cold room

The new GOLD STANDARD for cold therapy is here and Am-Finn has a new first of its kind cold room solution. Say goodbye to cold plunges and hello to the Am-FInn CHILL CHAMBER


What are the Benefits to Cold Therapy? The Am-Finn Cold Room is BEST SOLUTION!

Choose Am-Finns Commercial Cold Room For your next spa project

Luxury Cool Room

These state-of-art cold therapy rooms are your all in one cold therapy solutions. Equipped with a 4k HD tv on the back wall to fully submerse you into the cold room vibes. With temperatures ranging from 35-45 degrees you get all the cold therapy benefits and you do not need a cold plunge.

The Chill Chamber is designed to replace cold plunges and give commercial companies the new GOLD STANDARD for cool room!

The right way to cold therapy!

What is a cold room?

A cold room was most commonly seen as a way to keep products cold. We here at Am-Finn saw this as an opportunity create an application that can give gym goers, athletes and health gurus the same experience as a cold plunge! A cold room is the new most efficient way to experience cold therapy. 

Chill Chamber Features
We designed this room with the look, feel, and comfort in mind. Experience an immersive cold acrylic room design. An aluminum sturdy frame equipped with the latest technology to produce the optimal cold therapy temperature. Insulated walls with a sealed glass door and an interactive 4k 100-inch tv give an all-in-one feel in the room.
sauna to cold room

The transition from hot to cold just got easier. A pool plunge and hot tub? More like an Am-Finn Sauna to Chill Chamber! Its easier than an at home ice bath! We make the need for multiple ice bath chillers and cold tubs to be 1 simple 1 room cold solution! Fit anywhere from 1-10 people in our cold room!

Cool Room Install

The cool room installation can be done with either our offered team or a skilled contractor. When we go through your project plan and design, it is important we set you and your project up for success. The custom cool room is a unique first-of-its-kind model that will continue to revolutionize the health and wellness industry.

Cold therapy is essential for not just athletes but the everyday person. take recovery seriously!

Am-Finn Chill Chamber Legend

Cool Rooms

The use of cold plunges and cryotherapy has been around for years, but there hasn't been any change until now. The energy involved in maintaining cryo chambers and cold plunges is impractical, but the Chill Chamber solves it all! Enjoy the same benefits without all the hassle.

Cool Therapy Temperature.

Cold air and room therapy can be achieved within the temperature range of 35-45 degrees. Our cold therapy chamber will expose you to cold air, which can aid in your recovery, reduce inflammation, and accelerate your metabolism.

Chill Chamber Installation

The energy involved with installing traditional cold plunges has many moving parts and requires consistent maintenance. Additionally, cryo chambers, another traditional cold therapy device, are expensive and require a ton of maintenance and outsourcing of work. The Chill Chamber solves all of these problems! Our team installs the room and connects all smart components so that by the time your room is complete, you can control it with your phone!