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The best commercial sauna heaters

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Understand the difference between commercial electric and gas sauna heaters and choose the option that best fits your project!


Commercial Electric Sauna Heaters

100% Stainless Steel

Our commercial sauna heaters are expertly crafted with high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel. They are the ideal solution for any commercial sauna environment.

Made in the U.S.

Our sister company, Scandia, has been manufacturing the best sauna heaters for 60 years and has perfected the craft of sauna heaters!

Electric Sauna Heater

The power produced will generate enough heat for a commercial sauna room with a volume of 1680 cubic feet!

Designed to Last

The electric sauna heater boasts a perfected design that has undergone years of development. A pivotal element of the design is the elevated rock tray, which provides unparalleled protection against water damage.

Commercial Gas Sauna Heater


The Scandia Commercial Gas Heater is renowned for its ability to emit clean and highly efficient heat, making it a top choice for health club and resort saunas.


The commercial gas sauna heater features advanced panel assemblies and interior flashing, exemplifying professional craftsmanship and functionality in the sauna industry.

Gas Sauna Heater

Stainless Steel

The steel is rust-free, making this sauna heater solution the go-to choice for many commercial saunas.

American Manufacturing

The Scandia Gas Heater is the only gas sauna heater manufactured and designed in the U.S. it is the preferred solution for many saunas!