Cube Sauna

Elegant Outdoor Simplicity. 

Cube Sauna

Elegant Outdoor Simplicity. 

The Perfect Outdoor Sauna

100% Spanish Cedar

We select the highest quality cedar for its proven resistance to weather and the elements. Cedar is the best choice of lumber for maximizing outdoor life span.

Complete Control

In addition to regulating your session's temperature, length, and chromotherapy feature, The Wifi Controller and Smart Sauna App allows you to turn on your heater remotely. In addition, it can notify you when the cube has reached your desired temperature.

Energy and Cost Efficient

The Scandia Mfg Ultra-Sauna heaters mean significantly lower operational costs thanks to its unique element chamber design. 

Boost the Benefits

Enjoy a full session of color light therapy, Chromotherapy has many benefits, ranging from emotional to physical. 

Each color is associated with a different bodily response. 

Made To Last

With proper care and maintenance your Grade A cedar cube sauna should last up to 20 years. 

Fits All Your Friends and Family

Available sizes from two to eight person capacity. 

Fast and Easy Assembly

The Am-Finn Cube Sauna is designed to be assembled in less than 2 hours between two people.