Prefab Saunas

Prefab saunas are self-contained sauna units, which means that they need little to no room preparation, the package comes with everything needed for assembly and can be installed in a day or less.

Traditional Modular Sauna

A complete sauna package with minimal room preparation.

Our Traditional Modular Sauna is a freestanding unit, which means that minimal to no change to the building structure has to happen in order to house it.

We provide both an indoor and outdoor variant so you don't have to worry where it can be placed.

Fully featured.

  • We only use grade A cedar for every wood part.
  • Removable Tru-Tile vinyl flooring or optional cedar duckboard for traffic area.
  • Solid-core door with insulated window.
  • 100% stainless steel commercial sauna heater (240, 208 or 480 volts) with controls.
  • Heater guardrail.
  • Sauna Accessories: Thermometer, sauna bucket and ladle.
  • Sauna lights.
  • Industry‚Äôs best warranty.

Barrel Sauna

Popular and fast to build.

Barrel Saunas have become extremely popular due to their convenience, style, and affordability. The way they are designed, allows for just two people to assemble it, this greatly reduces installation cost.

To guarantee a long lifespan we only use grade A cedar for every wood piece.

Better heat circulation.

Unlike most conventional saunas with squared corners, the Barrel Sauna's cylindrical shape allows greater air exchange from top to bottom giving the sauna a great advantage over traditional square designs.

This allows the electric heater to work more efficiently, thus reducing energy consumption and heating the space quicker.