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Pre-cut Saunas, Himalayan Salt 

Saunas & Hand-finished Saunas

Custom Fit to Perfection.

Am-Finn Sauna & Steam is committed to making your commercial sauna purchase and installation fast and easy. As the manufacturer, we are your turnkey solution for commercial and residential sauna dimensions. We manufacture the ceiling, walls, benches and provide Gas and electric heaters to your specifications. 

Since 1962 , we have been committed to making commercial saunas with cutting edge technology and innovation. We lead the industry with unique room designs and building options to fit all of your sauna needs.

Build Your Dream Sauna.

We understand that every single project is unique in its design, complexity and requirements. Our traditional saunas can be customized to any size, shape and material you need. Our professional team of architects, technicians and installers are here to help you through-out the whole process. 

Traditional Custom Saunas

Traditional Pre-cut Sauna | Spanish Cedar or Poplar Wood

Pre-cut Sauna Kit

Our traditional Pre-Cut Sauna is designed for indoor spaces and is cut according to your sauna dimensions. It is made with the best wood for sauna and commercial high quality materials. Each traditional sauna includes:

  • Grade A Spanish Cedar full upper and lower sauna benches 
  • Removable Tru-Tile vinyl flooring or optional cedar duckboard for traffic areas (optional)
  • Solid-core door with insulated window— (contact us for customization options)
  • 100% stainless steel commercial sauna heater (240, 208 or 480 volts) with controls
  • Heater guardrail
  • Sauna accessories: Thermometer, sauna bucket and ladle
  • Sauna lights
  • Aluminum foil vapor barrier
  • Industry’s best warranty

Himalayan Salt Saunas

Himalayan Salt Sauna | With Perimeter Lighting

Himalayan Salt Sauna Kit

Bring the Himalayan salt benefits to your sauna with our innovative Salt Wall mounting system. Am-Finn salt wall panels are made of 100% genuine Himalayan Salt. 

Our Himalayan Salt Panels by Sun Valley Salt (our preferred vendor) are adhesive free and ideal to enhance your sauna bath. A salt sauna session promotes skin and respiratory health, regular salt sauna usage positively impacts health. 

Add Himalayan Salt Walls into a new or existing sauna including traditional saunas and PreFab saunas.

Available in Pink, White, and Red Salt Walls and perimeter lighting.

Hand-Finished Saunas

The ultimate sauna luxury, we use a water-based protective  wax that is quick drying, highly durable and absorbs into the wood forming a dirt resistant surface.The ready-mixed colours are grey, black and ivory white.  Made with thee craftsmanship you've known and loved in our traditional Custom-Cut Saunas, add a clean and luxury touch with our sauna stains. 

Hand-Finished Ivory White Sauna

 Hand-Finished  Grey Sauna

 Hand-Finished  Black Sauna

Hand-Finished Black Sauna with White Himalayan Salt Panels

We manage everything so you don’t have to

Our process is one of the most efficient in the industry. We help you every step of the way, From initial CAD design to finished product installation. We have decades of experience working on small to big projects. We are on budget and on time, every time.

01. Proposal Stage

Get in touch with us so we can talk about your project, what products and services you need, and start working on a project proposal. 

Our free CAD layouts and submittals will help you decide in executing a contract.

02. Contract Stage

Once we have an executed contract, 50% material payment and signed submittals (lead time will start counting from this point), the project will go to our production facility to be built. 

When your products are done, pay the material balance due so it can be shipped to the accorded location.

03. Installation Stage

If you choose to use our installation service, pay 50% of the installation price at least two week before the estimated installation date. 

Our professional installers will do the work on the accorded date, afterwards you will proceed to review the work and sign off.

Lastly, pay the due installation balance.