Advanced Hybrid Steam Room

Commercial Steam Rooms

Cleaner than conventional steam rooms.

All Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms are equipped with Scandia’s PowerZone, an advanced corona-discharge sterilization system that automatically eliminates all organic matter (mold, mildew, fungus and viruses).

At night or through-out the day when the AHSR are unoccupied, maintenance simply turns on the timer and the rooms are perfectly clean within 60 minutes.

Scandia’s PowerZone technology is proven to kill up to 99.98% of all virus/bacteria.

The only steam room installed in 24 hours.

Traditional tile steam rooms take several days to install and can be costly. On the contrary, the AHSR can be assembled in one day and does not require costly waterproofing or excessive room preparation.

Manufactured from high quality acrylic and polymer materials, the AHSR is designed for use in harsh environments.

Great customization

Decide the size of the steam room, select a custom screen print, choose the bench color, and modify the flooring. All these options and more are available with our highly customizable system.

Featured options:

Printed walls.

Transform your steam experience with our high-quality printed walls. We have hundreds of options for you to choose from. Ocean, marble, jungle, wood, solid colors or if you prefer send us images for a custom print.

Benches color.

Our benches are made with King StarBoard®, the industry standard in marine-grade polymer. It will not warp, rot, or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water.

It being a polymer, can be easily tinted with a wide variety of pigments. We have an ample collection of colors for your everlasting benches.

Lighting configuration.

All our Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms come with an LED light strip that wraps around the walls and you can change the default Moonglow lighting to recessed lights.

More options: Additional upper bench, aroma pump, additional steam head, storefront, ceiling riser, tru tile, IDS (Quick burst of steam On-Demand).

Our process.

1. Proposal stage

Get in touch with us so we can talk about your project, what products and services you need, and start working on a project proposal. 

Our free CAD layouts and submittals will help you decide in executing a contract.

3. Installation stage

If you choose to use our installation service, pay 50% of the installation price at least two week before the estimated installation date. 

Our professional installers will do the work on the accorded date, afterwards you will proceed to review the work and sign off.

Lastly, pay the due installation balance.

2. Contract stage

Once we have an executed contract, 50% material payment and signed submittals (lead time will start counting from this point), the project will go to our production facility to be built. 

When your products are done, pay the material balance due so it can be shipped to the accorded location.