Custom sauna

Convert any space into a professional sauna. Make it unique by customizing every aspect of the sauna, from size and shape, to heater type and lighting configuration.

A sauna custom fit to your project.

We understand that every single project is unique in its design, complexity and requirements. Our traditional saunas can be customized to any size, shape and material you need. Our professional team of architects, technicians and installers are here to help you through-out the whole process. 

Personalized to match any aesthetic.

To make sure your new saunas are in harmony with the space they’ll be in, we give you plenty of options to personalize it. Change the type of wood, add a hand-finish to modify the color and make it even more premium, have different light configurations, have it integrated with our Smart Sauna Wi-Fi Controller or if you have any special request our team will work with you to make it happen.

Himalayan salt panels.

Make your Pre-Cut Sauna stand out from the rest with Himalayan Salt Wall Panels. 

We are the only company that uses our own salt bricks for their Himalayan Salt Saunas. This allows us to have full control on the look and quality of each and every sauna.

Energy efficient heaters

The main cost of a sauna comes from running it and replacing heater parts. We tackle this problem by only using heaters from Scandia. After many years and hundreds of projects, our clients have seen a decrease in energy consumption and increased longevity of their consumables (e.g. Heating elements).

We manage everything so you don’t have to

Our processes are one of the most efficient in the industry. We help you with everything from making CADs to installing the final product. We have decades of experience working on small and big projects, and every single time we are on budget and on time.

Our process.

1. Proposal stage

Get in touch with us so we can talk about your project, what products and services you need, and start working on a project proposal. 

Our free CAD layouts and submittals will help you decide in executing a contract.

3. Installation stage

If you choose to use our installation service, pay 50% of the installation price at least two week before the estimated installation date. 

Our professional installers will do the work on the accorded date, afterwards you will proceed to review the work and sign off.

Lastly, pay the due installation balance.

2. Contract stage

Once we have an executed contract, 50% material payment and signed submittals (lead time will start counting from this point), the project will go to our production facility to be built. 

When your products are done, pay the material balance due so it can be shipped to the accorded location.