Ozone Sterilization: Does it Work?

Ozone Generators - AM-Finn

What is ozone?

Ozone is a gas formed by molecules made up of 3 oxygen atoms (O3) and has the characteristic of being a powerful oxidizing agent. Thanks to this property it has proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria, fungi and molds and inactivating viruses.

How can Ozone be used?

Ozone can be used for the treatment of potentially contaminated surfaces, water, and ambient air thanks to its powerful germicidal effect on a wide spectrum of microorganisms, while it has been shown that on porous materials, such as textiles, it is less effective, unlike disinfection with UV lamps (UVGI) that are more effective on these materials . Recently, it was reported that ozone treatment can be also a widely accessible and effective method for the disinfection of personal protective equipment (PPE) for both healthcare workers and patients for safe re-use in times of shortage.

Ozone created by various kinds of devices, such as ozone generators, can reach every corner of the environment of a single room or a larger space, depending on the device, without leaving any poisonous residue. The effectiveness of ozone in treating microorganisms, especially bacteria and viruses is related to various factors, i.e. ozone concentration, the temperature of the environment, humidity of the environment and exposure time

Ozone was shown to be highly effective to inactivate the SARS virus, in fact, it shows an inactivation rate not lesser than 99%. The novel SARS-CoV2 (2019), an enveloped virus like all other coronaviruses, shows 80% of genome sequence similarity to SARS-CoV (2002) and this suggests that ozone could be equally effective also on the novel coronavirus. 

At Am-Finn we use PowerZone which is a fully automatic ozone sterilization unit that features O3 technology. It destroys microorganisms on contact and leaves no waste to be thrown away or toxic cleaning products to be washed down the drain, or residual chemicals to be absorbed into skin, hair, or lungs. 

Having a PowerZone unit is the most cost-effective method with maximum efficacy and minimum labor way to sterilize and sanitize your home or business. It requires no wipes, sprays, or additional labor.

Our five different PowerZone units meet the custom needs of each unique facility, including customer flow or the type of service provides.