Five of The World’s Most Incredible Saunas

Where saunas meet art

1. SOLAR EGG by Bigert & Bergström

An egg-shaped sauna has been installed at Luossabacken in Kiruna at Sweden.

The egg’s exterior is made from sixty-nine golden plates that reflect the landscape and its inhabitants. The interior is heated by a wood-fired burner that’s shaped like a human heart.

2. Iglusauna by iglucraft

Handcrafted according to centuries-old technique, Estonian company Iglucraft’s shingled saunas and cabins are straight out of a fairy tale.

3. SAUNA IN A GONDOLA - Ylläs, Finland

At Finland’s Ÿllas ski resort, the idea of a beautiful view is taken to the next level with a sauna in a gondola. The ride is 20 minutes long, so you have plenty of time to have a sauna session. 

4. SEASIDE SAUNA - by Oslo School of Architecture and Design Students

A team of students from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design built a seaside sauna. The project is located on a quay in Kleivan, Vestvågøy, and its part of a building complex that also contains three cottage buildings.

5. LÖYLY by Avanto Architects

Löyly is a public sauna. There’s both traditional smoke and wood-burning public saunas to choose from, with room for 20 people.